Singapore CBD

Singapore, again

More memories from Singapore: 1. Getting caught in Monsoon rains. 2. Walking Orchard Road and enjoying the Christmas lights. 3. Sitting in the front seat on double decker buses. 4. The convenience of MRT rides. 5. Spending great time with delightful friends.    


A forgotten experience

  10 things I had forgotten about Singapore: 1. How slowly the Asians walk. 2. How they drag their sandals when walking, making a scuffing noise with every step. 3. How short the girls shorts are. 4. How politely money and credit cards are given and taken, using both hands to present or receive the item.…


From Africa to Asia

International travel has become so easy now it’s possible to wake up one morning in the African bush and less than 24 hours later be sitting 18 stories up in an Asian cityscape. And while that ability never ceases to amaze me after all these years of travelling, with the current Ebola outbreak happening, it…

beach sand

April in South Africa and Singapore

April saw us move on from Hermanus and family, to George, 355km away on the Garden Route. Here we had a great catchup and overnight with friends Rob and Irene. Here also we were able to pay a visit to our house and tenants. All was good with the tenants, however we were not so happy…