4 essential reasons for charming the guy with the gun.

Having neatly prevented ourselves from being shot at the entrance to an innocuous shopping mall, I make a mental note that I would use the welcoming metal elephant outside to hide behind during any possible outbreak of random gunfire.

my future protector

my future protector

With spine tingling as I walk away from Mr Irritated AK47, and hoping he doesn’t possess an itchy trigger-finger, I gradually allow myself to relax a little and enjoy my outing to the mall.

With shopping list in hand I run through my errands:

Firstly: change money, either at the bank or the change bureau. Both offer the same rates (currently 2790UGS:1USD) and take no commission. Both serve up local currency with a bored demeanour.


Secondly: undertake a grocery shop inside the recently opened and spacious Nakumat -a supermarket chain from Kenya with its inherent bias towards anything Kenyan. And have some great banter with the checkout staff on exit. (The grocery packer was super impressed with my NZ reusable shopping bag -thanks Karen!)

Cafe Javas interior

Cafe Javas interior

Thirdly: stop in at Cafe Javas for a drink, and on this occasion something to eat as well. Again some friendly conversations with the manager and staff on hand.

eat, drink...

eat… drink…

and be merry

…and meet new people.

Fourthly: getting a do-it-yourself take-away frozen yoghurt. Berry flavoured – to remind me of my mum.

Plus a coke for the driver of our van.

Then it was “home” again, safe and sound. (phew!)



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