Why staying in Uganda is not much of a hardship.

SAFAIR has moved out of the Protea Hotel, having decided that they were no longer getting value for money.

Front view of the new apartments

Front view of the new apartments

As of late 2014, the new accommodation is a freshly built set of fully furnished apartments, mostly two bedroomed, each with their own full kitchen, lounge with TV, and washing machine. So no excuses now about the standards of food, or the state of the laundry being returned.

Back view of the apartments

Back view of the apartments

Currently all but one of the 9 apartments is occupied by SAFAIR -with the remaining one being vacated in the next few months. (and not much intimidation was used! ). One of the apartments has been converted to the office, and all the projects managers can be found there.

View of the pool and papa area for braai-ing

View of the pool and lapa area for braai-ing

The only retaining feature from the hotel days is staff on a daily basis, to pickup and cleanup after a never ending succession of guys staying for weeks at a time. Having been trained from a young age to pick up and clean up after myself, the staff like cleaning “my” apartment because most of their work is already done by the time they arrive for their day.

Like the rest of Uganda (in fact, the rest of Africa) electricity is sporadic, dropping off multiple times a day. A generator is an  essential piece of life, and kicks in whenever the power goes out.

Our neighbours

Our neighbours, with Lake Victoria in the background

The downside at the moment is the construction next door. Apparently the same owner is now building a second block. Due to the influx of workers for this site the advice is not to walk around after dark, as there are too many “unknowns” around.

Otherwise a great spot to hang out.


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