We are fine

There’s a monster deep inside
Struggling to be free
Full of red hot temper, of raging smoke
And pent up energy.


And sometimes it rumbles forth
With surprise as its best friend.
It shudders and shakes, with deadly intent
That seemingly has no end.


It renders roads as useless ribbons
With cross threads pulled asunder,
Hillsides sag in utter defeat, letting go
With a roar like thunder.


The seabed rises, the rivers change course
In this land I call my home
It’s how it was, and always will be
As earthquakes make themselves known.


On the farthest edges I felt it
Shaking me up from sleep,
The building protested, grinding out loud

As I fled into the night, in bare feet.


To all who wrote asking….Thank you for your thoughts and concern, Tony and I were fortunate to be only on the periphery of this quake.




One thought on “We are fine

  1. An awesomely apt poem. The destruction as depicted in the newspapers and the television was huge. The reconstruction will be a long and involved process. Having spent the past few weeks in Christchurch, we have observed first hand howling it has taken for Christchurch to recover from 2011.

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