My Millionaire Lifestyle

And so we moved from being in my dream location on a private game farm in the middle of the bush of South Africa, to the 30th floor of a condominium in the middle of Johor Bahru town, Malaysia.

From this….

….To this








Paragon Residences@ Straits View










I console myself with my new “millionaire” lifestyle:

I am now Chauffeur driven – aka Grab (previously known as Uber). I now place my call for a driver as I step out of my door and (mostly) by the time I reach the ground floor I have a driver waiting for me to take me door to door to wherever I am wanting to go. How pampered is that?

I now possess Million dollar views – fantastic views from our floor to ceiling windows on 30th floor. Like a giant peering down at tiny toy town I watch the flowing traffic pass on the nearby highways, and feel quite removed from it all. I can gaze across the rooftops and tree tops and watch the boat traffic passing by on the Singapore Straits.

The view from our lounge

The view from our bedroom











A choice of pools – my best place ever. Whatever time I swim, there never seems to be anyone else in the water. So I have the olympic sized pool as my private playground. And being situated on the 7th level it gives views over rooftops while I swim. What bliss.









The biggest deck ever with best views – on the 27th Floor is the promenade deck. All open air and fabulous 360 degree views. From here we can do our sundowners and view any changes that have taken place since we were last observing. Again, seldom do we come across anyone else using this level, so we consider it “ours”.

from this….

…to this









Lots of positives to keep me grounded in a town that is not charming and will never be my favourite.

Of course that negative perspective may change given time….

Stay posted!


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  1. .. and the cottage is still with you even on the top floor of your condo. Only the smells and the air will be different. But you can create the same feel with the sounds and your thoughts. Plus you add the view of the world or at least one of the busiest waterways that reflects what happens in this world.
    Enjoy the contrast

    • So true…Its all just a mindset. And I have Mary to thank for helping me adjusting mine, and being able to see that I live a millionaire lifestyle right now!!

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