Waterbom Bali: Proof that some things do improve with age.

Twenty plus years ago, my sister and her then boyfriend decided to “elope” to Bali for a small private wedding, an event that we, as the rest of her family, deemed it compulsory to gate crash.

So there we were more than 20 years ago, wondering how to fill our time….shopping, eating, white water rafting, elephant riding, and Waterbom Bali all featured.

Waterbom received two visits because of young nephews, the fun of water slides, and the ability to cool off in the unaccustomed heat. It was a time of daring each other to take assorted tube rides, and competing to see who did the most rides overall.  I don’t remember being scared by the drops, but then our brains are great at forgetting.

Waterbom entrance

Roll on 20 plus years and I am back in Bali, and Waterbom Bali is now the Number 1 attraction in Asia – according to Trip Advisor.  A ticket was booked.  This time it was just myself.*

Internal dialogue with absent family members pushed me to dare myself and ride every adult ride there was. I neglected to look at the park map beforehand and so had no idea of which were mellow, moderate or extreme rides.  The written advice I discovered afterwards, was to work your way up through the categories.

The park map

By accident (or ignorance?) I did it in reverse.

At the base of the Boomerang ride

At the base of the Climax ride










And thank goodness I did.

Had I been working up to the extreme I’m not sure I would have made it.  Gut swooping drops, hair-raising loops, shooting up walls and standing on trapdoor floors that dropped away, raised the heartbeat and adrenaline levels as I screamed my way to the bottom.

What a blast. It was better than I remembered – and in reality it probably was, as they have expanded and upgraded the number and thrill value of the rides.

The Lazy River ride

Just chilling











And yes as a nana (granny) I did feel entitled to take the lazy river ride more than once in order to calm my nerves between the extreme rides.

Lazy River











* Although traveling on my own, Tigger often accompanies me in spirit if not in reality.

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