Don’t let the weather get you down

We’ve been here 7 months and either we are getting acclimatised or the weather has shifted slightly.


It seems cooler. The clothing stores here reflect this by now stocking and selling thick (and I’m talking polartek thick) jerseys, jackets, leggings etc. Apart from the fact that the air-conditioning inside these stores is set to arctic temperatures I am at a loss as to when any of these items would be needed.

We are based 1 degree North of the equator, so we are in tropical conditions for 100% of the year, with 90% humidity. Here the wet season is described as a slightly wetter dry season.

An approaching thunderstorm

Every morning my phone gives me the weather on my home page – currently it starts around 25 degreesC heading to a high of 31 with thunderstorms. Resorts off the east coast close during these next few months.

Clouds gathering

But I love it. Mornings start off generally hazy, burning off to become clear and hot by midday, then disintegrating into advancing black clouds with growling thunder by mid-afternoon.

Morning mist that burns off

Sitting in my little eyrie on the 30th floor I can watch this change of weather roll in and close down my view in a very short time frame.

October 10th at 3.32pm

October 10th at 3.40pm

October 10th at 3.42pm

October 10th an hour later at 4.33pm

Admittedly the thunder can be a tad scary as, at times it does sound as if it is in the room with me.

A storm front that bypassed us entirely.

And yes I have had a few passing moments where I wonder about my escape route from this height (should it ever be necessary).



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