Once a path has been taken we cannot unlearn that which we have learned along the way. And we cannot un-see what has been seen. As a photographer, albeit one on sabbatical, this is particularly relevant to the way I view my world. At times I wish for a camera in my eye to capture…

Taking a break on top of the world

SA vs Uganda

I have been in South Africa for 3 years now, since our return from Singapore. It took a year to find the accommodation where we now live, in the bush on a private game farm 50km from our nearest town. (Which is so light weight it has no traffic lights.) When we go to Johannesburg…


Do you have a Guardian Angel?

I believe we all have guardian angels. What manner of disguise these angels take varies. They may be two-legged, four-legged or have none at all. They may be solid beings, or indefinable spirits. The maybe with us for life, or be a temporary state of affairs. The important thing is that somehow or other they…

planes at joburg

By paying more, do you really get a better deal?

Our travel to Europe was prompted by Tony’s job. He was sent to supervise training in the simulator with some new staff. Which means that his flight ticket gets paid for by his company -and mine doesn’t. So I usually hunt around for a cheaper ticket and often travel on a different airline. (I like…


What’s not to love about public transport.

Its been a blast being on a continent that has public transport that is so easy to use. The number 66 bus, that stops right outside the Gresham Belson Hotel in Brussels and relies on an honesty system for payment. I tried to pay with coins the first day to be told they didn’t accept…

reflecting my sentiments

Et au revoir à Paris

Having damaged my foot by falling off the curb side the night before I was hoping it would have miraculously resolved itself by the time I awoke the next day. But sadly it was not to be. So ol’ hop-along hopped and limped through a day of, firstly, a walking tour as an introduction to…

the towers

Bonjour à Paris

France has always charmed me. It possesses a language I love listening to, that just seems to flow with potential and contains so much elegance. (As described very entertainingly by Morgane Croissant) It is one of the few places I have been in Europe where I immediately feel at home. Not in a slouch-on-the-couch-in-pjs kind of…

The aviation museum on the left and the car museum on the right

Brussels – a step back in time

Back in Brussels, and still freezing cold, so we headed off to the Auto World Museum and a day indoors. And at the door… Inside were several floors of classics on display. An interesting day and some beautifully kept machines, and a good way to keep warm(-ish).