Being inspired

Inspiration – who knows where or when it will hit.

Some months ago I read an article in a South African magazine called Ride, in which the author was questioning his ability to call himself a cyclist as he wasn’t on his bike as often as he would like. He went on to describe his hilarious attempts to get back in touch with his bike.

He wrote about #30DAYSOFBIKING which is a site whereby you sign up to commit to 30 consecutive days of being on your bike for the month of April. (No idea why only April). And it got me thinking.

Apart from doing 30 consecutive days there are no other parameters. The aim being to just get on your bike on a regular basis for as long (or short) a time/distance as you like.

Earlier last year Tony and I traded in our trusty Silverback bikes and acquired a Merida each. Apart from having larger diameter wheels, each bike has two gears on the front (instead of 3) making for a whole new machine. Sadly our times on the bikes since acquiring them last year have not been as often as either of us would like….

Queue…#30DAYSOFBIKING. Plus an airline that still carries bikes free, as sporting equipment, and a planned stint in Entebbe, Uganda.

Once started, the concept of missing a day and spoiling the record became all consuming. Rides were not always long – often just to Anna’s Cafe for a cold drink and returning sometime later having completed 5km, or 15km, depending on how energetic I felt. But the point being that it was a daily ride.

Before leaving Entebbe I closed off on a high, having achieved 38 consecutive days of riding, a total of more than 500km covered, and finishing by entering an MTB race in Entebbe in which I came 2nd in the womens category. Proof that practise does make perfect!

Womens 2nd place









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