To quote Pooh: “After all, I am ‘short, fat, and proud of that.'”

A direct result of moving to an environment where eating out is the norm and is also cheap, is the inevitable weight gain ….


Fortunately our condo has a decent gym and I now undertake my daily grind of trying to counter the sugar intake. Having no bike (as yet) and unable to swim (as yet) it has been the gym that has turned into my “home away from home”. I hate it….but going without food is not an option.




So now my 30 days of bike has been translated into my 30 days of gym…biking, running, exercising …all of it makes me feel quite weak just thinking about it. But having travelled over here with one suitcase of clothing I now find that items have either shrunk in the wash or else I’m getting FAT. ¬†And contrary to Pooh Bear I don’t want to be proud of that.

I confess to missing some days …but in total October has set the standard going forward:

The treadmill

Total km run: 21.8


Total km biked: 79.4

the pool

Total lengths swum (currently using a flutter board): and yes my physio gave me permission to swim, gently, as of the 18th of this month -a reason for celebrating methinks! : 70 lengths of a 60metre pool








This does not take into account the number of times I have walked the 27th floor AKA the promenade deck, (+/- 1000 steps per lap – normally x 2 to cool down after the gym) nor the walking we have done when in locations where we can get out and walk.

All in all not too shabby. Lets see what I can achieve throughout November.


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