ACOP on the move no text blogDecember 2012 was the closing of an era for us having been based in Singapore for the past 7 years and being transferred back to South Africa.

2013 onwards is going to be an adventure -a time of living out of suitcases and being on the move. Of leaving all our belongings in storage and being minimalists of a sort. Of exploring South Africa and discovering what soothes the soul. Of spending time in the great wide open and cooking over open fires again. 2014 has us finding a base on private game farm north of Johannesburg but only slows the travel and exploration a little.

This blog had been developed to share with all whom we leave behind, to keep you close and bring you on our journey, to give you a taste of the continent we love. And, yes there is room for you in my suitcase! so please won’t you join us?

2018 has seen us leave a magical place and move back to Asia. This time Malaysia. Tune in for comments from our new home. And yes we are still living out of suitcases.

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